How to change the installation location of the Hololens Emulator?

I foolishly installed the Hololens Emulator (10.0.17134.80) onto my F: drive, because I was running low on space on my boot drive, and wasn't thinking about the potential issues this could cause. After having difficulty getting my project to work, I decided to uninstall the emulator and reinstall in the default location. When I attempt to reinstall however, the option to change the installation path is greyed out.

I thought I could get around this by running the installed from powershell and specifying the install path in the command, however, this results in the error: "Cannot set the path to "C:\Program Files (x85)\Windows Kits\10" because an existing installation is detected. Features must be installed to "F:\Windows Kits\10\"."

I have tried uninstalling it from the Control Panel, by running the installer, and by downloading and running Microsoft's installation fixer tool

I would appreciate any help or tips to get this resolved.

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