HoloLens overheats and app crashes


I've been developing a WebRTC app on HoloLens through Unity and starting a WebRTC Call or after a lot of in-use time overheats the device, which causes the app to crash. Opening the app again doesn't work and it seems restarting the device is the only solution.
This problem occurs with other apps I've worked on (using Unity) as well, although less often.

Am I coding things wrong? Is there something in particular that is known to overheat the HoloLens or is it unavoidable?

Thank you for your time.


  • What do you mean by overheat the device? How do you know this? Are you sure it is not a memory leak and is running out of memory?

    Instead of restarting the device you may be able to quickly restart the app by making sure it is closed first. Either by finding the window and manually closing it or connecting to your device via the portal and closing it there.

    To fix the underlining memory leak you will want to use the Unity profiler and visual studio profilers to check for memory leaks in your application.


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