Any issues with Releasing a SteamVR enabled app on the normal Windows MR portal?

Hello everyone my studio is building a new Windows MR experience for the immersive headsets. We've uploaded and submitted one of our previous apps ( RelayCars!!!) to the store and are pretty familiar with the submission process. This time however we are considering publishing a Windows MR app to both the Steam VR store and the Windows MR portal to increase our apps accessibility to both user bases. my question is has anyone had an issue when released a SteamVR enabled app on the traditional Windows MR portal ? Is there a difference between the builds we'd need to publish for the windows MR portal versus the SteamVR store?

We are developing in unity, using the SteamVR plugin, and just want to make sure using the plugin doesn't lock us into using only the windows MR portal for distribution.

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