Why can some objects be resized, rotated and scaled on HoloLens and others cannot?

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Hello everyone I am very new to c# and mixed reality. I have had a chance to borrow the HoloLens from a programmer and started doing basic tutorials.

In this tutorial:

The used materials:

Are easily resizable and rotatable. However when I do everything exactly the same with this free 3D car:

The car never moves or is responsive at all.

Can someone tell me if it is even possible to rotate and rescale that model or is that only on certain 3D models and this one is just bad.

Thank you



  • Hi - one thought here is that perhaps your models don't have colliders on them which let the interaction system see them as something to interact with (by casting a ray which needs to hit something). Is there any possibility that you're missing colliders?

  • Yes I was missing Mesh Collider, Mesh Render, and Box Collider and when I added all that it worked. Thank you

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