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Hololens update got stuck


Last week I received the October 2018 update for my Hololens and it started downloading. After some time when I opened the updates page, I am just seeing "Please Wait..." message with the progress dots. It is in the same state for a week. There is no opton to cancel or restart the update. We have some demo apps installed for client presentation, so don't want to use Recovery tool to reset the device.

If anyone has came across same issue and got a solution kindly share the details.

**Note: I am not using Insider preview.
Thanks in advance,




  • Same here. 2 out of 3 Hololenses got stucked.

  • Most of our hololenses (total 31) got stuck. The only solution was to reset them and reinstall over 15 builds each

  • My Hololens is also stuck on "Please Wait..."

  • hi Folks,

    Apologies for the delayed response on this.

    If your HoloLens has build 10.0.17134.111 or greater, you may see “Please Wait…” in the Settings > Update and Security dialog. When your device shows “Please wait…” you will be able to use your device but will not be able to take any further quality updates until the issue is resolved.

    To get out of this “Please wait…” state in Settings > Update and Security, opt in to Windows Insider Slow, pause updates, and then resume updates.

    Detailed instructions here:
    1. Follow the “How do I install the Insider builds?” instructions at the following location https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/hololens-insider
    a. Please choose “Active Development of Windows” as stated in the instructions
    b. If you are already opted in to Insider builds skip to step #3 but first make sure that “Active development of Windows” is chosen under “What kind of content would you like to receive?”
    2. Upon reboot from following instructions in #1 you will still encounter the “Please wait…” dialog in “Update and Security”
    3. Now you need to pause updates for a bit by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program, and select Stop Insider Builds. In the “Stop getting insider content” pop-up dialog choose “Pause updates for a bit” and then in the next window make sure and choose “On”
    4. Once completed with #3 you can now go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows update and choose “Resume updates” and you should be presented with the 10.0.17763.316 build

    Please note, when you take an update, a reboot will be required in order to complete the update. To avoid running into this issue with future updates, please take quality updates with one of the following steps.:
    1. Manually restart from Settings: When the device is pending reboot, go to Settings -> Update and Security and click “Restart Now”
    2. Leave the device plugged in: When the device is taking an update and you may not be available when it is going to need rebooting, leave the device plugged in and charging. You may remove it from the charger when you go to Settings -> Update and Security and there are no reboots or updates pending.

    A fix was deployed to mitigate this issue in February 2019 ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4487044/windows-10-update-kb4487044 ).


  • Do you have a plan B for the issue? I followed the instructions, but after resuming the updates I only got right back to the "Please Wait" screen, and now I can't pause them again.

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