How to open 3ds Max Project in HoloLens?

Hello i have a problem, i want to open a project from 3ds Max in HoloLens, how can i do that ?


  • Hello @Silvi0,

    Are you just wanting to open up the 3ds max in hololens like in a work from hololens capacity or are you just wanting to view the 3d model on the hololens?

    If you want to work in 3ds max from hololens i dont believe that the hololens have the required specs to fully run 3ds max, however, if you have a windows pc with 3ds max you can remote into the pc from the hololens and do it that way.

    If you just want to view the 3d models I believe there are simple viewing apps on the hololens store or you can simply launch it from unity (which is free).

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