Hololens not working after October Update


I got the October Update on the 11th of October.
Every time the Hololens installs the update, it reboots and gets stuck at the "hello" screen.
The screen is showing hello, short pause, then showing hello again and the lights on the device indicate, that it's scanning the room.

While it was stuck I was able to connect via WIFI to the device and saw the main menu with a note that the hololens is scanning the environment. It seems to get stuck at this point somehow.

Since then every time I reset the device to the factory setting it works, but after the update its broken again. Since it is auto updating I'm not able to work with it.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Could you send me a Image with the OS Version before the October update, so I can use this until its fixed? (then I also need so have an option to turn off auto update)

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