Guide for publishing an app to Microsoft Store

Is there any good tutorial for publishing an HoloLens app to Microsoft Store?

I already have a developer account.
I tried a tutorial for uploading UWP apps to the Store and I'm stucked at the point of uploading a package of the application.
I don't find any file with .appxupload extension.
This is the content of the folder (created package):

If I try to upload Test_HoloLens_1.1.1.0_x86_x64.appxbundle in the Partner Center, under the packages section of my app, I have 3 errors:
1) You must provide a package that supports each selected device family (or uncheck the box for unsupported device families). Note that targeting the Xbox device family requires a neutral or x64 package.
2) You must upload at least one package. If you are using market groups, then each market group must have at least one package.
3) The package Test_HoloLens_1.1.1.0_x86_x64.appxbundle is taking a long time to process. If this isn’t completed soon, try refreshing the page, or remove the package and then upload it again. If you continue to see this issue, contact support.

Any help?

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