Packages upload to Partner Center failed


I want to publish in the Store an HoloLens app.
When I try to upload the packages, I receive these errors:

How to solve this? Any help?

Thanks in advance


  • I tried to edit the manifest adding as device family Windows.Holographic (when I build in Unity it automatically generates a manifest with device family Windows.Universal) and still get errors. It's frustrating. Any help?

    I used Unity 2018.2.12f1 and Visual Studio 2017. Build Master, x86, device. All icons/photos included. The project is associated to the windows store. Used UNET core. Used IL2CPP backend for building in Unity3D. Building Options in Unity: HoloLens, D3D, latest version SDK, Local machine.

  • einstyleeinstyle
    edited December 2018

    After A LONG time of trying everything...
    In addition to the previous options, I should have added a Visual Asset in Microsoft Studio, and clicked on generate. I should have double checked that in the Partner Center that I had only Windows Holographic selected (in consistency with the manifest). And also, I should have updated everything (windows certification kit, visual studio). Plus, I should have deleted HolographicStreamerDesktop.dll in Visual Studio.
    Seems to work now.... FINALLY

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