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Limit Scanning By Time in Spatial Mapping

This is with regards to the Spatial Mapping tutorial - Holograms 230 .

I am running the app exactly as specified in the tutorial. On Place Space Manager on the Spatial Processing Game Object, Limit Scanning by Time is set to true and Scan time is set to 10 seconds. I expected all spatial scanning to stop after the projector and posters had been placed in the room because the surface observer is only restarted if the scanning time has not been reached or there were not enough floors and walls to place the holograms on.
However, I find that the scanning continues and I can move from room to room with new wall surfaces rendered in blue lines.
What am I missing?

Apologies if this is fairly obvious to most. I am a newbie to both HoloLens and Unity and have been finding spatial mapping a challenge to understand.


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  • @psi is the "Draw Visual Meshes" checkbox checked on the Spatial Mapping Manager?

    if so you probably want to uncheck it so that it will not be turned on by default.

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  • Thank you HoloSheep. I am wondering why I see surfaces being rendered in new rooms I enter after 10 seconds and the space collection objects have been placed? Why does it continue scanning surfaces.
    Does the Hololens keep track of rooms you have been in in the past?

  • Thank you! Now I get it :)

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