17763 HoloLens Issue: Voice Recognition Not Working after Resume Session

edited November 2018 in HoloLens OS Update Preview

We are running into issues where the voice / keyword recognition is not working anymore after resuming a immersive application session on the HoloLens for OS Version 17763 (aka, bloom out and then resume the application by clicking on the window).

Additionally, the initial keyword recongitions seem to be slower to recognize on OS Version 17763 (often times by a good 1-2 second extra delay)

Tested this by deploying the same Unity app to a 17763 HoloLens and then deploying to a HoloLens that still has a previous OS version (16299 update). The app however is being built to the 17763 Windows SDK version when being deployed to both HoloLens devices.


  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem.
    Voice input with keyword recognition works perfectly, but when blooming out to main menu, and then resuming back to my App again, keyword regocnition does not work anymore :(
    I am using a Unity-App using Unity 2018.2.11f.
    It does not seem to be a Unity problem :(

  • Hi @copystart, if you haven't already, please submit this issue in Feedback Hub from your HoloLens. That will help us debug much faster what is going on. Thanks for letting us know!

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