Can not show webcam from openCV on Hololens.

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Hello, I'm the beginner of programming and openCV. I have to build my own library based on OpenCV and use it on Hololens.
I have a very short time to work on it. So I have started with many samples from many websites.
I can build the library and use it in Unity from the sample but I cannot show it on hololens

Now, I'm trying to show webcam like this sample on the hololens.
It showed on unity but It didn't show on hololens. Just the cube showed on the hololens.

I think I have to write the script to show this webcam texture from openCV on Hololens but I have no idea. It's very complicated for me.

I would like to ask how to show this webcam texture from openCV on Hololens?
I would like to ask your suggestion where should I start to learn OpenCV, C++, C# and Unity + hololens in short time.

Sorry for my poor English and programming.

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