The Right Way to Export OLM files to Outlook

The outlook for Mac and MS Outlook are two different applications that are used by Mac users and Window users respectively. If an individual is shifted to Windows operating system then he/ she needs to migrate from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook. This means conversion of OLM files to PST.
A free method to transfer files from OLM to PST is using IMAP Account

  • Create a Gmail account then make the following changes
  • Go to Gmail Settings and click on Forwarding IMAP/ POP tab
  • Make Gmail IMAP enabled and then go to Outlook for Mac
  • Add the Gmail account in Outlook for Mac
  • Select the files, folders to move and copy them to Gmail mailbox
  • When the transfer of files get complete, shift to MS Outlook
  • Go to MS Outlook and add same Gmail Account
  • As soon as the account is added the data will be automatically updated in MS Outlook
  • You can also refresh inbox and other folders by clicking on the send/ receive button
    The OLM files will be available in Gmail folder of MS Outlook.
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