Adding Holograms via c#

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Im just starting my journey with HoloLens and I could use some tips from you :).

Ive watched courses and all of them says that if i want to add holograms to my program I have to do it using unity. Create a project in Unity and then deploy a C# code.

Ive done so, but.
Lets say i have a holographic sphere generated, and placed in front of the user.
Now, i want to change a hologram, from sphere to lets say, a square.
In tutorials they say i have to go back to unity, use another hologram files, ten deploy c# code with unity and so on.

But i want to do it in Visual Studio, skipping the unity part.

And my question is, where in the basic code, i can do that.
I want to find a function that loads a files with holograms to the project, and displays holograms to the user. But I cant find it :(

Simply, add few hologram files to the project, but via c# code chose, which hologram will be displayed to the user.

Any clues, where to look for it?

I will realy appreciate if somebody links me some tutorials that explains how holograms are generated in c# code. I cannot find such tutorial in official MS website.

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