Create several (or new )spaces in settings

Hi everyone,

Currently I'm working on hololens ans i have problems about spaces in settings, i have read microsoft documentation but i didn't find my answer.

I try to indentitfy a space with a room in my company but i never succeed. When i start Hololens, it decide it space itself (active space), and we have in settings only 2 options Load and Delete,. Currently i have only one space of 50MB which represent my room1 in the company and i would like generate another (or create) new space to represent my room2 .

when i finish the scan in room1 i shutdown the hololens and i go to room2. now if i restart the hololens, the hololens automatically choose the same space as room1 and add surfaces instead of create new space (in setting) to represent my room1.

I don't know how to generate a new space, i saw that it is possible to have saveral space configured (space 1, space 3, space 16 etc...) but i don't know how to create myself these spaces.

is it because i have the same wifi for 2 differents rooms or something like this ?

Please, i need help.

Thank you very much

PS : it is not about a c# or unity, just the fact to create new space in setting and sorry for all of spelling errors i'm french ^^



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