Launching 3D Viewer with a 3MF file opens the file on Windows desktop but not HoloLens

edited December 2018 in 3D Viewer Beta

Using this code, a 3MF file is opened in the 3D Viewer app on Windows desktop. When running the same code on HoloLens, the 3D Viewer app is opened but the file is not.
I would like the file to open as a hologram ready to place. You can see this experience in the Topographic app by clicking on or saying "Open Model"

var familyName =  "Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer_8wekyb3d8bbwe";

 var options = new LauncherOptions
         DisplayApplicationPicker = true,
         PreferredApplicationDisplayName = "3D Viewer",
         PreferredApplicationPackageFamilyName = familyName, 
         TargetApplicationPackageFamilyName = familyName ,
         DesiredRemainingView = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ViewSizePreference.UseHalf,

    await Launcher.LaunchFileAsync(file, options);
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