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HoloLens Emulator graphic glitches on AMD Vega

Hi, I've recently upgraded my GPU to an AMD Vega 56 and the HoloLens Emulator (v10. now doesn't render text in the start menu correclty anymore (see screenshot below). Text within other OS windows (e.g. Settings) is displayed correctly, but all window menu bars also display these weird symbols. I have previously seen this issue on a mobile Vega 8 GPU, but not on other AMD or NVIDIA architectures.

I also encountered graphic glitches when running my own Holographic Apps on the Emulator on the mobile Vega (that were not present when running the same up in the Emulator on different machines).

Has anyone experienced this issue before? So far, I couldn't find any information on this and I'm not sure where to officially submit a bug report for the Emulator. I would be grateful for any help or information about this issue!

On a side note: The Emulator also always had an annoying tendency to complete freeze up my computer with a blackscreen after running for a few minutes. I believe that is unrelated to the graphic glitches, but I never got around to further investigate that problem..


  • If it helps, I'm running into the exact same issues with my AMD Vega 56. This was my first time running the emulator, so I thought I had gone wrong somehow with the installation of the emulator....but your post leads me to believe it is indeed an issue with Vega 56 compatibility.

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