Unity3D 2018.3 Windows Mixed Reality

Hello, I'd like to use the MS HRTF Spatializer which is included in the Windows Mixed Reality package visible from the Unity 2018.3 package manager. However I'm having difficulty adding the AudioSpatializer.cs component that comes with version 1.0.7 of Windows Mixed Reality to a AudioSource gameobject. It may be due to a name mismatch with the class. AudioSpatializer.cs contains a class named AudioSpatizlizerMicrosoft.

If this is not the right place to ask, can you please help me find where to ask?


  • A colleague with good ears mentioned this script no longer needs to be added to an AudioSource for Msft HRTF spatializer to work. I'm not sure the purpose of AudioSpatializer.cs still existing. Maybe it's just something legacy that didn't get cleaned up for the next version?

  • after setting the spatializer to MS HRTF, a script is available to change the room size. This script has not worked for a few years. This is the script referenced above

    In applying this script found here


    changing the room size is still non-functional. Is this a bug? or a function that should just be removed. I want to set the room to none, but the playback is always the small room.

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