WiFiAdapter get stuck in FromIdAsync


I´m trying to get the signal strenght of the Wifi from the HoloLens, but the program stops working after the FromIdAsync function.

            WiFiAdapter wiFiAdapter;
            var access = await WiFiAdapter.RequestAccessAsync();
            Debug.Log("check permission");
            if (access != WiFiAccessStatus.Allowed) {
                throw new Exception("WiFiAccessStatus not allowed");
            else {
            Debug.Log("... allowed");
                var wifiAdapterResults =
                  await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(WiFiAdapter.GetDeviceSelector());
                if (wifiAdapterResults.Count >= 1) {
            Debug.Log("getFirstAdapter before");
                    wiFiAdapter =
                      await WiFiAdapter.FromIdAsync(wifiAdapterResults[0].Id); //stops here
            Debug.Log("... after"); // not getting here
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