Cant build on the HoloLens anymore?

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So here is the thing, I can't seem to build on my HoloLens anymore. A few weeks back I was able to build via the portal, both wireless as with USB, and with VS. I cant anymore. The portal gives me an unspecified error, which doesn't help what so ever. VS gives me the following:
"Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error DEP0700: Registration of the app failed. [0x80073CF9] Deployment Register operation with target volume C:\Data on Package [Package Name] from: (AppxManifest.xml) failed with error 0x80004005. See for help diagnosing app deployment issues. [Application name]"(I added the [] parts to hide the name of the project.)

I have tried to Restart, Reset and Recover the HoloLens but non of that worked. I used both new builds as builds that I had on there previously but I can't get anything on there anymore.

It is a bit of an old HoloLens so it has it fair share of Usage damage (ex. head strap broke and has been repaired) but the problem didn't appear after one of these damages, it just appeared (meaning I can't deduct the cause).

Does anyone know anything that can help?

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