No camera feed in Holographic Emulation and Remoting.

When i try to use holographic emulation of unity editor, it connects to the device but no camera feed of HoloLens in unity editor.
Tested with Holographic remoting build but still it is same. but before it was giving the feed.
Suddenly there is no camera feed. not understanding what happened.
Tried the following solutions.
1. Reinstalling the Holographic Remoting Player.
2. Resetting the Hololens.
None of the above worked.
Any help please.



  • @RajaSekhar Did you have any luck with this issue? I have a client who is experiencing the same thing. I am unable to recreate the issue on my development device. We both are using 2018.1.9f2. He was able to get it to work once successfully but repeating attempts have failed. Like you, he has restarted the computer/device etc.

    My only hunch is poor connection but its the same setup he had when it worked.


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