Unity UNET communication at 60 Hz?

Hi everyone,

I was trying to build an Hololens app using Unity, where I want to update the pose of an object at 60 Hz, where this pose is being set on a computer. My plan was to use Unity Unet and have tried first to communicate between a client and a server on the same machine, communicating over localhost at 60 Hz. For some reason, I am getting a burst behavior on the packet arrival, where 40% to 50% of the packets arrive simultaneously. However, if I lower the rate to 30 Hz, then this does not happen anymore and I just get 20% of the packets being delayed more than 36 ms.

Anyone that has tried to update an object pose from another machine at 60 Hz with Unity Unet and managed to solve this issue? If someone has implemented this without Unet it would be great to get suggestions on other transport protocols to use.

I have also posted this question in the Unity forums but have not found a solution to my problem https://forum.unity.com/threads/unet-communication-problem-message-arrival-interval-not-consistent-and-burst-arrival.586468/ . In the post I have also added basic client / server scripts which should demonstrate this problem.

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