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Set an Object/ Hologram based on multiple manually placed anchors/ objects

Hey there,
what I want to do is placing an object. The objects orientation should be given by previously set vertices of the object ( by other objects or anchors, the position of those should be predefined in unity).

example: I want to place a box. when i first tap the position for the upper right corner is set. the next tap is for the lower left corner. So I can orient my object precise in the room.

@stepan_stulov do you maybe have any suggestion? Your answers have been pretty helpful so far.



  • Hey, @Currywurst

    Assuming your object is rigid its sufficient to position 3 points, for example bottom three of the four points, of your box to derive its position, orientation and scale. Optionally you can ignore scale but then only the first corner point will be interpreted literally while others will only defined the ray direction and won't snap the rest two corner of the box in place.

    Some basic vector manipulation knowledge is required.


    Building the future of holographic navigation. We're hiring.

  • Thanks @stepan_stulov for your quick and helpful replay! That is exactly what I want to do.
    Do you maybe have some sample project or code snippets so I can get an idea how to create a vector by tapping an applying it to an object?


  • Hey, @Currywurst

    I usually limit myself to good explanation of fundamental principles and rarely give code samples.


    Building the future of holographic navigation. We're hiring.

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