Authoring Tool for Hololens APPs

Hello everyone,
I need to create an Authoring Tool (standalone desktop app or web-based) which allows one to create specific (template-based if needed...) Hololens applications. A "lighter" version of the Authoring Tool should be also available on Hololens for a restricted set of changes (persistent) that can be made directly in the headset by the end-user (see HoloStudio).
One option I believe would be Unity but the Authoring Tool should be a standalone app with an easier (and less complex) interface than the one provided by Unity. And then, I don't know how the output result of this AT would be sent to Unity (or directly to Visual Studio) in order to generate the UWP for Hololens.
Basically I need a combination between Unity and HoloStudio, desktop and Hololens versions.
Any ideas are welcome!


  • You might want to check out urhosharp. Very easy to add simple authoring inside holographic space, well, once you understand the API. This isn't Unity.

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