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Is it possible to run an Shared experience server on Hololens device?

edited February 2019 in Questions And Answers

Im new to Hololens and everything about it, but currently Im trying to get some answers about shared experiences. I have seen that there is an SharedService.exe and thats what creates the server locally on a computer. My question is can the service that creates the server run on Hololens device and the Hololens act as server and client? How can I achieve that?


  • I don't believe you can with SharedService.exe since it is not a UWP app.

    However, you could do PeerToPeer networking and have 1 hololens act as a 'server'. UNET is the best options I know of for peer to peer on Hololens.


  • Ok, thanks for your help will definitely will give a look at UNET.

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