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Couldn't Start Windows Mixed Reality (14-2)

Okay so I just got my Lenovo Mixed Reality headset and controllers, went through the set up process and everything seemed fine. But after setting everything up, I got into that Mixed Reality Portal. The error came up where it said "Couldn't Start Windows Mixed Reality" and the error code was 14-2. Throughout the entirety of this time the headset's screen has been black with no lighting. So of course I looked into it and read that if I had other USB devices plugged in, that it won't work. So I unplugged those and like magic, a change happened. The headset's light came on so I could see a slightly brighter black screen, but it was still a black screen nonetheless, and the Mixed Reality Portal said "You're ready" or something like that. So I wanted to continue from there to see what the issue was, and I wound up reverting myself back to my initial issue. With a couple attempted settings changes and unplugs and re-plugs in and just everything, I couldn't get it to work. So I tried updating my graphics card drivers. Same deal after the update, tried simple troubleshooting and nothing worked. The only other things I can think to do are of course the things I don't want to have to do.

My PC's specs are as follows: it is a Dell Inspiron 5577 gaming laptop, 8GB RAM, and its got a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card that has been there since I've got this laptop. In fact, no hardware has ever been altered on it. I did research and asking around previous to purchasing the Lenovo Mixed Reality headset, including whether or not it would even work with the 1050 graphics card, and generally people had said yes, it just won't be supremely perfect, which I don't mind. Personally all I'm really looking to do is play VRChat with it.

So can anyone help me out with finding a simple solution for my problem here? I will (eventually) look into buying a recommended graphics card and also help on how to even install it in the first place because I couldn't find any information on that initially, which of course it makes sense that thousands of people can do it but not a single person can tell you how. That along with the fact that I myself don't necessarily know the first thing about it without possibly doing it wrong. And I don't want to butcher my PC for a small reason such as just trying to play VRChat in the actual virtual reality way. So I would rather figure anything like that out after I find out that it is officially 100% impossible whatsoever without getting a graphics card. But first I would like to know if that's really the case, or if there's really some stuff I can do before investing myself into all of that. I already bought the headset, I don't want to have to buy more expensive things without finding out first that I won't need to. I will really appreciate the help. Thank you.

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