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Using hololens while moving long distances

I've been trying to read up on hololens a bit but im still trying to figure out if i can use hololens for an application where you move long distances.
The application i have in mind is using an indoor vehicle to move around in a building (about 200 meters long) with an operator using hololens. The operator should see virtual boxes in the room where he is moving.
Is it possible to get an accurate enough position in the whole room so the boxes are seen by the operator on their right places?


  • I don't know for sure, hopefully microsoft can chime in with more concrete numbers, but I'd suspect you are going to run into issues with that scale.

    We've had pretty good success reading 1 walker and then walking a fair distance around a factory but haven't gone more than a tenth of what you are talking about. The movement speed could also be a problem and if it is too fast it may lose tracking. You most likely won't regain tracking without returning to a marker in that large of an area.

    We pitched a grocery store at once point but we were planning on having markers on each aisle so they could recalibrate as they navigated throughout the store. Perhaps you could do something similar?


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