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Unable to download HoloLens app from Microsoft Store. Possible Unity version connection?

We've been running into problems after publishing our app to the Microsoft Store. The app is successfully published, but fails to download. After investigation, we assume some issue with a newer version of Unity.

Steps to reproduce
1. Open the app page in the store
2. Click on "Get"/"Install"

Expected result
• Application installs on a HoloLens device

Actual result
• Application does not start downloading (seems to get stuck initializing the download)
• Store page shows "You own this app" plus an inactive "Install" button
• When choosing 'Install on my devices', a pop up appears saying "Try that again.
Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help."
• We've found a long workaround, that worked on only one specific device.

Tests we did
• We rechecked all the settings and configurations several times.
• We tried to download on different HoloLens devices, and through different networks
(also 'clean' devices on which the app hadn't been installed before).
• We ruled out that the problem is machine specific by setting up the listing from a
different machine, as well as building on a different machine and publishing through a
different machine.

• We started several test listings and tried to publish stripped down versions of the app
with different versions of Unity: 2018.2.14f1, 2018.3.0f2, 2018.1.0f2. The 2018.2 and
2018.3 builds failed, the 2018.1 builds downloaded without any issues.
• Building the same 2018.1 package that was successfully published, but this time with
an IL2CPP scripting backend, resulted in the store not accepting the package, indicating
that it lacked packages for all selected device families. However, after switching the
backend on the same project back to .NET, publishing worked again.

• We're not aware of any Unity 2018.2 apps successfully published through the Microsoft
store. We do know of at least one Unity 2018.3 app being successfully published. Did
anybody run into similar issues when publishing apps to the store with more recent
versions of Unity and maybe IL2CPP?


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