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Simulating Windows Commands


Im running server on hololens, and i created a PC app that works as a client.
Via client i can drag, rescale, rotate holograms created in unity etc.

The holograms have some function that starts when user make an air tap gesture on them.
I want to be able to start those functions in my pc app.
The easiest way to do it is just to send an info from app to hololens to do certain thing but...

I want to run those functions specificly as if the air tap gesture happened.
To do so i need to simulate an air tap gesture.
I want to send the coordinates from pc app to hololens, and i want my scene to behave like there was an actual air tap gesture executed without executing that gesture in real life.

There is my question to you.
Is it possible to simulate gestures? I would realy appretiate any info you can share with me.

Also a bonus question.
We as a users have an access to air tap and bloom gestures.
Those gestures run certain system functions like LMB click in pc or flag button.
But, if there is an option to get other windows functions that are not accessible via any gestures like, i dont know, right mouse button or something like that?
I mean, if by simulating gestures we can get access to system functions, than can we get access to even more advanced function by simulating i.e. right mouse button click whitch is not accessible by default?



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