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Holograms 220 Tutorial - Immersion: How do audio files get paired with source and mixer

After building, running and walking the scripts including the HoloToolkit Spatial Sound classes, I can hook how it works together in my mind except for one bit of magic that escapes my understanding: When in the SpatialMusic mode, how have the samples from Assets/Audio/Music found their way into a UAudioClip and how did the clip's output get routed to the correct mixer channel? The game objects' SurroundEmitters' refer to AudioSources that have a null AudioClip and Output, so that's not it. I've see code in other projects that load clips directly within C# scripts, but I see nothing like that here. How do the preloaded "Vocals" samples become part of the "Vox" emitter? When switching to SpatialMusic, how have the clips' content been routed to that submix if not in code or spec (or a spec I can find, at least...)? Please enlighten!

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  • Bingo. I didn't realize that the "Events" field was an all inclusive list that brought up its members' properties one at a time. I thought it was a single choice - set to the stereo mix. Still getting used to Unity visuals. Thanks for the clarification.

  • My pleasure.

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