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How Do I Merge Multiple PST Files Into One?

edited April 2019 in General

If you want a simple and reliable solution to merge multiple PST Files into one, then I would recommend to not go with the manual method. The Manual process is lengthy, time taking and does not provide a guarantee of the safe result. To securely combine multiple Outlook data files, you can use SysTools PST Merge Software. This tool specially designed to migrate PST files together efficiently. It is easy to use utility and works with all Outlook versions like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Features of Outlook PST Combiner Tool

  • Merge multiple Outlook data files into a single PST file.
  • Combine Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.
  • Merge Outlook contacts folders without duplicates.
  • No file size limitations to combine several PST files.
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating System.


  • To combine your single PST file into one PST file you should go for KDETools PST merge tool. This is the perfect tool to merge your PST file into single PST file.
    For more information, you can visit our site: https://www.kdetools.com/pst-recovery.html

  • There are various reason to merge PST files following are some solid reasons to merge PST files:-
    1. It is difficult to manage so many PST files in a single application
    2. While migrating Outlook to Office 365, we required single PST
    3. To fix Outlook errors caused by several PST
    4. It takes more time to search for a file in Outlook if they are multiple files
    If you want to combine multiple PST files into a single one then, you need a third party tool which easily performs PST merge in few clicks. I would like to suggest try Shoviv PST merge tool which is easy to use and provide attractive user-interface to merge PSTs.

  • Jerry_F17Jerry_F17
    edited July 2019

    To merge multiple Outlook PST files, you can do it manually i.e. by creating a blank PST file and then merging all existing PST files into the newly created blank PST.The resultant larger PST can then be exported to any machine to access the mailbox data. It may take more efforts and time. Also as we merge multiple PSTs, their size would get larger, you may start facing issues like corruption, degraded performance, etc. as there can be duplicates or junk folder items piled up in the single merged PST. To avoid this and remove unwanted junk folder and duplicates items, you can take help of simple, quick and efficient Microsoft Outlook Toolkit by Stellar which is a combination of 8 userful tools for any outlook user. It is also helpful when you are merging any encrypted or password protected PST and you dont remember or have lost the password.

  • With the help of Merge PST Software, it gives you a profit of combining more than one Outlook PST file at one click and it also merges your data with all attachments without losing any data. It will merge Outlook files certainly and takes very less time. User can locate its migrated file at the desired location.

    No stress and use free demo version from here: https://www.sametools.com/merge/pst/

  • Merge multiple PST files into a single Outlook data file by using this excellent PST Merge software. This software is easy to use and download, PST Merge software support to both file types ANSI and UNICODE. This software can remove a duplicate PST file format while merging the batch PST file. The PST Merge software has many advanced featured like no file size limitation and merge Archive and highly damaged PST file.
    Download For Free and Install: http://www.merge-pst.com/

  • I would like to suggest Kernel Merge PST software. It can easily merge multiple Outlook PST file in single PST file without facing any issues. Try it: https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/merge-pst/

  • Download advance ToolsGround Merge Outlook PST software which provides best options to merge PST files such as- Merge PST, Join PST & Merge Contacts.

    More Info:- https://www.toolsground.com/merge-outlook-pst/

  • If you want to merge your lots of PST files into a single PST file, then you can try the Merge PST file. It's an advanced tool that can easily merge your unlimited files at the same time. You can try this tool without any doubt.
    Visit here:- https://www.mailsclick.com/merge-pst-file/

  • Use the KDETools PST Merger to merge several PST files into one PST file. It has very powerful and advanced features:

    • Combine various PST files calendars, emails, contacts, notes, and tasks.
    • Easily merge password-protected files.
    • There is no file size limitation.
    • Support in ANSI and UNICODE Version.
    • Easily remove the duplicate items.
    • Support all the Window and Outlook Version.

    More Details: http://www.merge-pst.com/

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