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Implementing a Single Sign-On

I'm trying to add a Single Sign-On capability to our project in Unity with the Mixed Reality Toolkit. I've checked this page on how to create one, therefore I tried to create a Web Account Manager by following this tutorial in which we use the AccountSettingsPane.

While I've been able to run this Web Account Manager project in a local machine, and as a beginner of XAML and UWP development, I'm having a hard time in knowing how to integrate this with Unity. I tried turning the Account project into a plugin but no success because it doesn't seems to recognize the XAML code (and I've been able to create other UWP plugins previously). But I don't even know if this is the correct course of action.

Did anyone tried to integrate this or other XAML project with Unity successfully or if it is possible at all? Or point me in the right direction since I feel a bit lost on how to get a SSO capabilty.

Thank you

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