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Help me understand the VR ecosystem (WMR and friends)

Here's my config :

  • I'm using VR with a Lenovo headset, which relies on Microsoft hardware and software (Mixed Reality controllers and the like).
  • However there's also SteamVR installed on the machine.
  • Finally, I'm running a game that relies on OpenVR* *under the hood, even though the game itself uses **DirectX12 .

My question :

What is absolutely essential in this config? Is the Mixed Reality Portal essential or is just some fancy VR broadcasting interface?

I'd like to get rid of it for two reasons :
1) The game works properly when the game starts fist, boots up OpenVR, and then the Portal somehow picks up on it and also starts up. However it has issues with VR (the VR stops working and I have to reboot the computer) when the Portal starts the VR first.
2) I like the calibration in SteamVR better. It doesnät ask you to take off your headset and hold it on your laps to set up your virtual space and sitting position.

If you people maybe have tips on how to start the VR service or whatever lies under the Portal without starting the portal, or at least make the portal less bossy with the VR startup process, then that would be great. Another accepted answer is : "Don't start Steam VR".

Again, I'm just trying to understand what's core and what's redundant in all this.

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