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Hololens does not import the anchor

Hello All,

I am following tutorial MR Sharing 240: Multiple HoloLens devices to get two hololenses sharing session together.

Basically, I use one PC and two hololenses (Hololens A and Hololens D) within the same network.

The PC runs sharing service from Unity Editor (HoloToolkit-Sharing-240) which pops up a console window showing the devices that join the the session.

Hololens A handles the AirTap task and export the anchor to other Hololens (Hololens D).

The only program that distinguish Hololens1 and Hololens2 is the HologramPlacement.cs
Hololens A -> use the initial script of HologramPlacement.cs
Hololens D -> use the modified script from MR Sharing 240: Multiple HoloLens Chapter 3.

When I run all the devices, I've got them joining the same network (shown in console window sharing service). But, Hololens A and D do not share the location and status of the Energy Hub. I've placed the Energy Hub in Hololens A and perform air-tap. But, this view is not in correspondence with Hololens D. In Hololens D, the Energy hub moves along with my head and does not take its location and status from Hololens A.

Has anybody experienced the similar issue or could give any clue about this?

Thank you

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