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Taking a photo with HoloLens 2


I'm trying to port an Application from HTK to MRTK2 and switched from .NET to IL2CPP in order to work with HoloLens 2. The porting is going well so far, but after switching to both IL2CPP and MRTK2, photo capturing doesn't seem to work. I am unsure what is the culprit though.

I tried looking up if there were new solutions on photo capturing with HoloLens 2 but could only find links to the old way, which is the one I'm currently using: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/locatable-camera-in-unity

Is there some undocumented new way of capturing photos? Is there some unsupported option I'm using? The same method worked fine on HoloLens 1.

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