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How to Solve Internet Issue with Bullguard


I recently noticed the introduction of a "home network scanner" to my bullguard software and since its induction my internet connection has slowed to a near complete standstill. I tried experimenting today to see if whether turning off the home network scanner would improve my connection speed via playing Elder Scrolls Online - which it did. I tried turning the scanner back on while ingame and the ping jumped frorm 113 to 703 in a matter of seconds and remained at 500-700 throughout the period that it was turned on. I turned off again and the same thing happened the ping dropped to a more manageable 93 - 100 almost as soon as I switched back to the game.

I am just wondering if this is a common issue with the latest update as while I have had issues with the internet in the past it's never been as bad as it is now.
Go to Support for Solution--->>> Click here.

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