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Unity3D: Nothing appears when I try to spectate through Hololens

I am using Azure Spatial anchors as my Spatial Alignment Strategy.

Please let me know if I did anything wrong

So, if user side Hololens views a hologram, I want the same hologram to be viewed by the Spectator as well.

I have a main scene where I have a hologram and it works normally how I want in my user side Hololens.

Now I added a SpectatorView prefab to this scene, set the role to User, and added the user side IP address of the Hololens.

After following these steps https://github.com/microsoft/MixedReality-SpectatorView#basic-unity-setup ( Keys are added properly, Updated all asset caches)

I open the SpectatorView.HoloLens scene, and now I have the SpectatorView prefab there as well, but the Role is set to Spectator and added the IP address of the user side again.

While building for user side Hololens, I generated a build with only main scene present

and for spectator side Hololens, I generated a build with only SpectatorView.HoloLens scene.

Hologram appears in the user side Hololens. But nothing appears in the Spectator side Hololens.

Where did I go wrong? Thanks.

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