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Windows Mixed Reality for VS Install Error 1608

Hey there,
We have been trying to install Windows Mixed Reality Templates for Visual Studio, but we always end up with Error 1608.

Our operating system is Windows 10, with Visual Studio 2019 Community Installed, along with the Universal Windows Platform tools option checked.

For some reason, however, we still get the following log file. This is parts of it that show the error. I have also attached the full log file if deemed necessary.

[2B44:2B68][2019-11-17T04:33:07]i301: Applying execute package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{30B84726-8A9A-3D0A-F816-D69205280B16}v10.1.17763.134\Installers\Windows Mixed Reality Templates for Visual Studio.msi, arguments: ' ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" MSIFASTINSTALL="7" KITSROOT="" KITSOPTION="OptionId.Templates" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" UserLocale="en-us"'
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: ERROR: [1608], type: WindowsInstaller, package:package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio: This product requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or newer. It also requires the Universal Windows Platform tools optional feature of Visual Studio.

Please install Visual Studio with the Universal Windows Platform tools optional feature and try again.
[2B44:2B68][2019-11-17T04:33:08]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package.
[2B44:2B68][2019-11-17T04:33:08]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to execute MSI package.
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to configure per-machine MSI package.
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: Applied package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio with status 0x80070643
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: Setting Exit code to 1608
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: RetryManager: Not an execute error to retry: 1608 for package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i319: Applied execute package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio, result: 0x80070643, restart: None
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to execute MSI package.
[2B44:2B68][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i318: Skipped rollback of package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio, action: Uninstall, already: Absent
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: Applied package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio with status 0
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i319: Applied rollback package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio, result: 0x0, restart: None
[2B44:2B68][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i351: Removing cached package: package_WindowsMixedRealityTemplatesforVisualStudio, from path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{30B84726-8A9A-3D0A-F816-D69205280B16}v10.1.17763.134\

Some stuff in between here that was taking up too many characters.

<String Id="WarningPageParagraph3">To continue with setup, choose Next.</String>

Important Information!
The .NET Framework 4.5.3 is not installed. You cannot install the Microsoft Emulator unless the .NET Framework 4.5.3 is installed prior to running setup.
To ensure that you install all of the features of the Microsoft Emulator, close setup now, install the .NET Framework 4.5.3, and then run setup again.
To proceed with the installation without the .NET Framework 4.5.3 SDK, choose Next.

[2960:29CC][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i000: Navigated to Microsoft.Bootstrapper.Presentation.FinishPage
[2960:2964][2019-11-17T04:33:08]i399: Apply complete, result: 0x80070643, restart: None, ba requested restart: No

May I know what could be causing this issue? We have signed into Visual Studio with the university's student account and visual studio is therefore fully licensed.

Thanks for passing by.

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