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Has anyone with a large head been able to use the Hololens?

I have a large head and am concerned I won't be able to use the Hololens. Has anyone with a 25.5" -to- 26" head (per the Hololens fitting instructions) been able to wear and effectively use a Hololens? I've read (replies to another post) that the inside of the headband is about 24.5" (imperfect measurement). I see there is padding on the inner layer of the headband, but I can't tell if that would be enough to make it usable for me.


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  • JasonJason ✭✭

    @ASpulak I have tested the device on multiple people (20-30) and it has fit everyone. It was a tight fit for one person though.

  • Thank you for your answers. :)

  • I've let more than a dozen people use my Hololens. All of them only needed to be shown the air-tap and bloom commands. Everything else was intuitive. I have a large head 25.5" hat size. The device is tight, but works well once positioned right. Several of the people who tried mine out also used the Oculus RIFT and said Hololens was more interactive, putting you right in the middle of the holograms. The RIFT is more like a wrap-around large-screen TV. They are different tools with different purposes.

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