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Using the clicker for Manipulation Events

I was able to have the clicker trigger the navigation events, but is there any way for it to trigger the manipulation event. I want to use the same properties as a manipulation for a clicker.

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  • Hi @zimooo2,
    No, the clicker is not a replacement for all gestures. The bloom gesture, and all Manipulation gestures require precise tracking of the hands, so the clicker cannot be used.

  • The navigation gestures do work, however.

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  • zimooo2zimooo2
    edited July 2016

    @Patrick said:
    The navigation gestures do work, however.

    They do, but they are bounded by a range which is -1 to 1. The goal is to have similar properties as using the clicker at the home level when moving windows. In this mode, it works the same as navigation, but it does not have the bounding issue. I would accept a solution that would somehow include resetting the offset.

  • JaremJarem
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    Request added

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  • Is there a status of such request that we can refer to so that we know when they might be handled if at all?

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  • What is the HoloDevelopers Slack and can I get an invite? :)

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    It would be fantastic to be able to adjust the cursor in 2D space with the clicker. I can feel the neck strain when using only gaze to select a lot of elements. (This is very common issue when using the soft keyboard.)

    Right now I have to hold my neck tight to avoid natural movement when selecting far away or small buttons/objects. If the clicker could bias the cursor left/right/up/down, then I could just use gaze to get close and let the clicker do the precise work (like holding down the precision toggle in a FPS game).

    The cursor already automatically adjusts for the Z-axis, so only 2D is necessary. Since we don't have access to the raw gesture/hand data, I feel that some sort of additional device to control the cursor is inevitable long-term.

    Are the specs for the clicker posted anywhere? How many axiis of movement does/can it report and what else is in that little device?


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  • I currently have a PR for Clicker Manipulation events in the HoloToolkit. Check it out

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  • Any update about to get clicker position for manipulation?

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