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HoloDartboard - Published and on store soon for free!

Hi everyone,
We just published our first game today, HoloDartboard. It shows as in store via the dashboard and should be available on the store's Hololens only area soon. It's in beta but most of the functionality and game mechanics are in. Thanks again to everyone on the forums! We had a few issues figuring out how to build and release apps but was eventually able to find everything using this site and the HoloU tutorials. We look forward to finishing this game soon and producing higher quality apps in the future!


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  • @ahillier I have a problem. Windows app store has rejected my application. Can you please help? For whatever reason is says my app is not testable. WTF does that mean?

    App Policies: 10.3 App Is Not Testable

    The app must be testable. If it is not possible to test your app for any reason, including, but not limited to, the items below, your app may fail this requirement.
    •If your app requires login credentials, provide us with a working demo account using the Notes to Tester field.
    •If your app requires access to a server, the server must be functional to verify that it's working correctly.
    •If your app allows a user to add a gift card balance, give us a gift card number that can be used in the testing.

    Locations: Darts_1.1.15.0_x86_Master.appxbundle

    Tested OSes: Windows.Universal

    Tested Devices: Acer Iconia W700

    Notes To Developer

    The app's core functions are not usable.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Launch the app.
    2. Select "Start Game".
    3. Observe that the app loads the game for a moment, but then remains unresponsive.

    Tip: A Windows app may run flawlessly during development and testing, but after submitting it for certification testing, the app may crash or perform unexpectedly. Along these same lines, your app may not perform as expected after publication. This resource, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2859130, explains the most common reasons for this along with remedies.

  • I can't sleep right now. You cannot even believe how upset I am right now....

  • JeromeJerome ✭✭

    apparently your app is freezing. But I'm not sure if it was tested on an Hololens or a laptop... maybe the app is considered to be a standard UWP app and not an Hololens one.

  • Finally in the store and all is right with the world now. :smiley:

  • I tried your app, it dint work for me. I cant throw any dart. Is there any specific way to do this. I air tap- hold and then move my hand in throw motion.

    Healthcare IT professional by day - Indie GameDev for UWP and mobile platforms by night

  • Really? You are supposed to use your hand and click/hold to move the dart around. As you move it forward, the dart will break the blue shootbox plane, and the dart fly's forward. Maybe my arms are too long and I should shorten the distance?
  • Maybe also step back a foot from where it starts to see the dart. It uses the standard manipulation gesture to move the dart around when air tap/holding.
  • Ok, instructions are not clear on the blue box thing... I was probably too close to the board? I saw the blue box for a bit when sitting, but not when standing. Maybe you should put help text for this in the app.

    Healthcare IT professional by day - Indie GameDev for UWP and mobile platforms by night

  • Will do. I'm glad it is working for you now.

  • We've made some recent updates so hopefully you all are having a better playing experience now. Please rate the app if you like it! We would really appreciate it! We've spent a lot of man hours building this game and its hard to know if we are doing something right or if you like it, and if we should be building better apps in the future. Please let us know!

  • Awesome work, great job!

  • Hi - i just downloaded on my brand new developer lens and it seems to be crashing. I started it up and then i get the background music for a bit; none of my other content is visible and i don't see the dashboard. Cool concept though - look forward to getting it running.

  • We noticed crashing very early on in development but haven't seen in that in a few weeks. We are looking to push out an update in a few days to fix a couple more issues, so hopefully the new update will fix your issue. Thanks!

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