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How to get the VP9 decoder from a C++ program on Hololens 2?

edited March 2020 in HoloLens companion app

I am implementing a VP9 hardware decoder that will run on PC and Hololens 2.
When I try to load the "MSVP9DEC.dll", it works well on PC but the DLL is not found on Hololens. I have installed the VP9 Video Extensions on the device.

Here the snipped code. The "assert(DecoderDll)" fails on Hololens:

HRESULT CreateCOMObjectFromDll(HMODULE dll,
const CLSID& clsid,
const IID& iid,
void** object);

void CreateVP9Decoder()
    HMODULE DecoderDll = ::LoadPackagedLibrary(L"MSVP9DEC.dll", 0ul);
    HMODULE DecoderDll = ::LoadLibrary(L"MSVP9DEC.dll");


    const GUID CLSID_VpxDecoder = { 0xE3AAF548, 0xC9A4, 0x4C6E,  {0x23, 0x4D, 0x5A, 0xDA, 0x37, 0x4B, 0x00, 0x00 } };

    Microsoft::WRL::ComPtr<IMFTransform> VP9Decoder;

    HRESULT hr = CreateCOMObjectFromDll(DecoderDll, CLSID_VpxDecoder,




__pragma(warning(disable: 4191))

//@See: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/media/gpu/windows/dxva_video_decode_accelerator_win.cc
HRESULT CreateCOMObjectFromDll(HMODULE dll,
    const CLSID& clsid,
    const IID& iid,
    void** object) {

    if (!dll || !object)
        return E_INVALIDARG;

    using GetClassObject =
        HRESULT(WINAPI*)(const CLSID& clsid, const IID& iid, void** object);

    GetClassObject get_class_object = reinterpret_cast<GetClassObject>(
        GetProcAddress(dll, "DllGetClassObject"));


    TComPtr<IClassFactory> factory;
    HRESULT hr = get_class_object(clsid, IID_PPV_ARGS(&factory));


    hr = factory->CreateInstance(NULL, iid, object);
    return hr;


Thank you!

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