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Project: Making MonoGame work for HoloLens

I have decided to start this project because of feedback in thread UWP vs Unity
The question by @STonstad was about MonoGame3.51 and how could this be made to work with HoloLens.
@Coen made a request " If you guys could make a MonoGame template, I think that would make many business developers happy!
Or perhaps a tutorial on how to get it accomplished?

Recently @JVareck77 wanted " working on how to replicate the Holographic Template using MonoGame."

So that why this thread. The intention is to show

  • How to install MonoGame into Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Community
  • Fix problems with getting all the MonoGame UWP project templates
  • Make the MonoGame UWP build a Holographic template
  • Make MonoGame build 3D HoloLens apps for the Windows Store

Well lots of challenges here. I decided to fix/build tools and answer questions is better for my skillset than trying to build large apps in Unity.


  • Hello!
    Did you get it working? I'm very interested because I would like add MR support to my custom engine.


    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

  • Well looks like this got superseded 3.6 was final version then Xamarin came along.
    Leaving MonoGame with UWP support but little in the way new blood.
    Difficult to see how Mixed Reality Headset would tie into all this?.

    Only works on HoloLens because UWP is built as standalone, no Holographic features!, write your own SDK extensions in MonoGame.

    No, this was a pipe dream, because when an offer to test this on one of their old games there was no further interest

  • I'm working on a custom 3D game engine which already supports OpenVR, OSVR and OpenHMD. My plan is to add Mixed Reality support. I know that MonoGame is used for a lot of 2D content but some of us make 3D content two. In that case Mixed Reality have a sense.

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

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