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Start position of application

edited July 2016 in Questions And Answers

Hi, I just started creating Apps for Hololens using Unity.
After I start my App the objects will be created relative from the head position. Is it possible to get the position where the application has been placed and show my hologram there? (if I place the application on a table I want my Holograms to be right on that table, not floating in front of my head)

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  • BreanBrean
    edited July 2016

    My new approach is to have a preview of the hologram at a fixed position e.g. 1 meter in front of the User so he can place it (I am currently looking into the Tagalong script). After the user confirms the position with the tab-gesture remove the preview and set the real Hologram there. (as far as real is the right term, because it is still an object in a virtual environment ;-) )

  • Instead of the Tagalong/SimpleTagalong of the HoloToolkit I created my own simple FixedTagalong which just moves the Object with the camera. I think I will make it move smoother but it works for now. I was overthinking it at first, it is really basic stuff in Unity, so here the code if anyone is interested (I also like to hear comments if this is a good idea or if I should do this differently)

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