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Pinch gesture in emulator?


I am trying to finish Academy 211 on an emulator. Came to Chapter 2 about navigation (have finished the hand detected part), but failed to simulate the final "pinch position" mentioned in instruction. I reviewed the advanced input for emulator and am now wondering is it possible to simulate that gesture in it? I tried the scrolling gesture since they are kind of similar (Alt + right mouse button + drag mouse up / down) but it doesn't work for sure.

If this is not doable with the human input mode of emulator, I am thinking maybe it is doable through the keyboard and mouse input mode? To my understanding the latter directly forward command to OS to perform programmed actions, but in fact I am also not sure whether it is really different from what I already tried in emulator, since obviously there are also keyboard and mouse actions involved in above steps.

I guess the problem now really is I am uncertain if the "pinch gesture" can be simulated in emulator in any way (the process of putting your index finger with thumb and hold that position). Again, I tried the potentially same scrolling and it doesn't do what I expect. Any suggestions?


Best Answer


  • By Pinch gesture, I believe you meant Navigation gesture (as Pinch is doable with up/down arrows or drag up/down with the mouse).

    I have no idea how to do Navigation with the emulator and I'm also interested in it.

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