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Hey Cortana Shut Down!

Is anybody else getting annoyed that the "Hey Cortana Shut Down" voice command works well, but Cortana then asks you "are sure you sure you want to shut down" and then has very poor success with the response of "Yes"?

Personally it I am finding it frustrating to the point that I constantly find myself trying not so creative curse responses after the third failed "yes" attempt.

Since "Yes" is such a short and simple phrase that seems to challenge Cortana's parsing abilities, I would like to suggest that the responses "Yes I do" or "Yes I am" also be added to the vocabulary as acceptable confirmations for the secondary response to the shut down command. The three word phrases seem to provide enough context that they parse as something other than "Gas" which seems to be the most common result displayed when I start shouting "YES".

I would probably just not bother with the Hey Cortana Shut Down command, but I hate coming back to my device to find that the power button didn't really power down the device or that plugging it in triggered it to turn back on and as a result didn't fully charge between uses.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, @HoloSheep! I'll get this to the correct folks on the team.


  • I feel the same pain as well. I have to power off the device because Cortana can't hear "yes".

    Also, it would be nice if there is a voice command to quit an app.

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