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Holograms -240 Sharing Holograms - Unable to get working - Air Tap Gesture issue

The air tap gesture does not work in this tutorial even with the code provided under catchup chapters.
focusedObject.SendMessage("OnSelect"); In this, if we modify .SendMessage to .SendMessageUpwards, the Air tap works but moving with gaze function disappears. First tried to build this from scratch and unable to get it working. Then tried the Unity project provided under Catchup-Chapters and facing the same issue. Any help is highly appreciated.

Best Answer


  • I tried using this code... and it crashes the app any time an air tap is done.

  • In my case, it wasn't crashing. But nothing really happens with air tap gesture. But my other test apps has gesture working correctly. I am using Unity HoloLens 5.4.0b22-HTP (64-bit) and VS 2015 Community Update 3.

  • Hi Karthik,
    Are you successfully connecting to the sharing service? Once sharing is enabled in the course, the air tap gets ignored until the shared position is either created and uploaded or downloaded and found.

    This post provided as-is with no warranties and confers no rights. Using information provided is done at own risk.

    (Daddy, what does 'now formatting drive C:' mean?)

  • Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the great input, that puts me on the right track. I am able to enable the sharing service and I think the gesture gets ignored. As I am from a Oil & gas back ground, my holograms had to shared. My understanding on this sharing topic is limited, which could the the potential reason.

    My testing is simple. Hologram created is seen by all the holo-lenses locally. I have two lenses. I create a hologram and it has to be seen by both the lenses simultaneously. That is what I am trying to achieve. I again tried all completed lab from Catch-up chapters from scratch. But still have the same issue. As an example the tutorial says the followings in the last line under chapter -3

    "When the devices are all ready and running the app, look for the EnergyHub. Can you all agree on the hologram's location and which direction the text is facing"

    In both the lenses, the EnergyHub moves with gaze without any particular placement location . There was no text to validate the direction. I am not sure these instructions are for the Completed catch up chapters. Please guide.


  • @Patrick
    As the tutorial hologram-240 could not be completed, please note that I got the tests under Holo toolkit-unity package working on the unity side. After that, I had built in Unity and deployed in both the lenses. But both looks like a two separate instances. How to make both the lenses to join the same session.? I am unable to find the clear details from the (holo toolkit-unity) readme.md. and under the documentation tab in hologram site. I think its more of understanding clearly how the same session is joined by both the lenses, as it looks it is working fine on the Unity side. If you could throw some light on this , that will be great. Thanks.

  • Good to hear @Karthik, apologies for leaving you on your own for most of this.

    This post provided as-is with no warranties and confers no rights. Using information provided is done at own risk.

    (Daddy, what does 'now formatting drive C:' mean?)

  • @Patrick
    I fully understand. Hologram sharing is a complicated topic and every one's issue is unique. In addition to that, you got to support globally. It was tough but that had probably gave more clarity.
    Thanks for your support.

  • @Patrick
    I am following the tutorial Hololens 240 sharing tutorial, but unable to connect hololens to sharing service, so it is ignoring the air tap gesture in shared coordinate system.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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