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Items spawning in the wall

Hello. I have a scene that simply spawns my game objects in the wall. This is causing issues because when I move these objects the application crashes due to not knowing how to handle having objects outside of the spatial map. I was wondering if there was a way to prevent objects from spawning into the wall. An even better solution would be if there is any documentation on how to spawn objects in similar to the hologram app that was preinstalled on the hololens where they start in a box that can be placed, and scaled.. Thanks in advanced for help.


  • You might want to look at the Holograms 230 course. It covers placement (though not scaling).

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  • Hi Patrick the Holograms 230 course isn't a good solution for this since it deals with object placement. However if you a spawning objects pro-grammatically on top of a floor plane for example objects still appear behind walls since the floor plane intersects with the wall plane and there is no sample for how to bound the floor plane by the walls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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