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GameObject heldin hand

How do you place a gameobject in the user's hand? i.e., so it appears that the user is holding it.


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    @constantine with the current version of the HoloLens the optimal user experience is achieved with holograms being about 2 meters from the user. Placing holograms less than 1.25 meters is possible but not recommended. So unless your users have unusually long arms :smiley:

    You may find this thread of interest where the topic is similar.

    Currently there is no support for specifically tracking the hand location that would lend itself directly to placing holograms in the user's hands. You would probably need to employ some computer vision logic on the Locatable Camera output or some other creative approach to achieve that goal.

    Keep in mind that the gesture frame and the display frame are somewhat different and that the hand detection is based on movement deltas from previously detected positions in the gesture frame (aka relative position) and not a specified position in view frame tracking.

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