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Spatial Mapping

How to do spatial mapping?


  • In the Hologram 100 tutorial, I could export the Visual Studio solution. I could not proceed to Hologram 230. Any help will be appreciated.

  • AlexDAlexD ✭✭✭

    You can download the Visual Studio solution for the 230 tutorial from the page I linked above. Here's the link for the solution directly. Hope this works

  • There was no .sln file. I created one using Unity from the completed subfolder. When I try to load the created .sln, I get the message as "One or more projects in the solution were not loaded properly. Please see the output window for more detail"

  • Here is the output window "C:\HolographicAcademy-Holograms-230-SpatialMapping\Completed\Planetarium\Planetarium.CSharp.csproj : error : The project file 'C\HolographicAcademy-Holograms-230-SpatialMapping\Completed\Planetarium\Planetarium.CSharp.csproj' cannot be opened.

    The project type is not supported by this installation.
    I am going to check the Planetarium.CSharp.csproj

    Any idea?

  • Step 1: opened Planetrium project in Unity 5.4.0b18-HTP
    Step 2: Created .sln file according to the tutorial
    Step 3: Could not open the Planetarium.sln created by Unity.
    Step 4: Opened the Planetarium.CSharp.csproj file
    Step 5: build solution
    Step 6: Attach to Unity and Play - message - "Attach Unity Instance"

    Could not deploy.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • I wonder if your visual studio needs to be updated. Here's what mine looks like:

    This post provided as-is with no warranties and confers no rights. Using information provided is done at own risk.

    (Daddy, what does 'now formatting drive C:' mean?)

  • In Holograms-230 I am stuck in Part 1 after "Change the Platform to x86.". Could not go to Part 2.

    I need some more help.

  • Installed everything in visual studio as per instruction. I have community edition. I cannot open the .sln file. It still gives error as " C:\HolographicAcademy-Holograms-230-SpatialMapping\planet\planet.CSharp.csproj : error : The project file 'C:\HolographicAcademy-Holograms-230-SpatialMapping\planet\planet.CSharp.csproj' cannot be opened.

    The project type is not supported by this installation.

    The "planet.CSharp.csproj" is there and it can be opened.

    Help needed.

  • I do not have the device. I am working with the emulator.

  • I have another machine and I have installed enterprise version. Upgraded as per instruction. Able to open and build the .sln file created from Unity.

    Selected Hololens Emulator 10.0.14342.1018!

    I have network and my ip address is

    I do not have the device and I am using emulator. Used EmulatorSetup.exe to setup the emulator.

    I am working with the tutorial as follows:


    1.Click on the arrow next to the Device button, and select HoloLens Emulator.
    2.Select Debug > Start without debugging

    When I try to deploy, I get the following error:

    ------ Deploy started: Project: HelloHolograms, Configuration: Release x86 ------

    2>DEP6100 : The following unexpected error occurred during bootstrapping stage 'Connecting to the device 'A2152254-0A5F-7C78-A684-1D8072A02DF5'.':
    2>MissingMethodException - Method not found: 'Boolean Microsoft.Tools.Connectivity.RemoteDevice.Ping()'.
    ========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
    ========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

    I will appreciate our help.

  • ContextVRContextVR ✭✭✭

    @Balbul_Saha I had to install Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2015 to get around this, see if it helps.


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